Current Exhibition

Legends of Circumstance
Adam Dant Frances Disley Dave Evans Mikey Georgeson
John Hewitt Mark Hampson Peter Lloyd Ryan McClelland
Laura Oldfield Ford John Strutton James Unsworth

Curated by Dave Evans and Frances Disley


We are proud to announce Dave Evans and Frances Disley’s first curatorial project at the Whitecross Gallery – Legends of Circumstance from our partner site. The show includes works by Adam Dant, Frances Disley, Dave Evans, Mikey Georgeson, John Hewitt, Mark Hampson, Peter Lloyd, Ryan McClelland, Laura Oldfield Ford, John Strutton and James Unsworth.

“Joseph’s feeling of strangeness sometimes takes the form of a conspiracy: not a conspiracy of evil, but one which contains the diversified splendours, the shifts, excitements, and also the common, neutral matter of an existence. Living under the shadow of such a conspiracy is trying. If it makes for wonder, it makes even more for uneasiness...”

12 June - 4 July 2015